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Hey guys, Jazmine here! I haven’t quiet introduced myself yet but I am the lovely artist for the fan merchandise here! 

Anyways I have some really good news and more button designs to share with you tonight but first I would like for you guys to check out this button again!

It’s the f(x) Pixel Heart button from the Pink Tape era!

These 1.5 inch buttons are a good deal at $3 each, and a great deal at 3 for $7. (Shipping already included) Don’t worry we do ship world wide as well, but it may cost a little extra depending on where you’re placed at! 

If you would to purchase a button or find out more information go ahead and shoot us an email or a message on Tumblr! If you’re sure you’re ordering some buttons make sure to include your full name, address and method of payment (we accept everything!)

Thank you!

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